Sunday, 20 March 2016

I am a seed

                                                         I am a seed
Hello it is spring I am about to fall of thins tree here. Along with all the other seeds. The wind picks up I feel sick because I am shaking so much. All I see is the leaves from this tree. Here we go I have finally fallen on the big wooden thing. The wind is picking up, I am getting blown every where. I am hitting other seeds, this hole Spring situation I going bonkers. Me and all the other seeds are getting blown over the meadow right now. One of us is really big and He starts getting blown lower and lower and then sadly we have lost him. But the rest of us keep getting blown away. It has become the middle of Spring I have landed so ware in a meadow next to all my friends that I have meet on my journey. I get lots of rain water and I begin to grow. I am progressing slowly up the soil first my seed coat splits and then sun light I begin to grow a flower my friends start to germinate beside me.

                                  And that is the story of how I grew up.

                                                      THE END


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