Monday, 23 May 2016



On Saturday I played a match of soccer with my team. We played another Marist team called the Titans. We started after my cello lesson at 10.30 am. My team and I play basically all our matches at monrade park. Our team won 11 -2 i think. Our coach told us that we one because we passed and called out each other names so we know who we were passing to. The game was 25 minutes each half so that makes it 50 minutes 

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

What I have done in the first days of term two

On the first day we got introduced to a new person in our class. His name was Jared.
Also the first day didn't have any reading writing or maths. On Monday we did cross country practise to. We also focused alone on Anzac Day, which was really cool because I know alone about WW1.
We made the Gallipoli pininsula too.

On the second day Tuesday we got our reading books and got introduced to something called chapter chat. You get some questions about a book, loads of class rooms around New Zealand are reading the same book. (Charlotte's web).