Thursday, 18 August 2016

Magic show

Today friday 19th Agust we saw a magic show. The magician was a profesinal magician called 
Vas Kavalski. The magic show involved Education and magic tricks. I really liked the part when he made a toy bunnie into a real bunny. At that moment i glanst across the hall and then i saw 
             Eva H in so much exitment she nerly burst because she is absest with bunnies.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Olympics day

Today we had an olimpic day. My country was Hungary. I can't really remember how many medals I got but I think it was 3 or 4.

Black hat: some bad things that happened today were when i was playing the hockey relay in the final I slipped and banged my knee on to the ground really hard. And then after that happened the day just kind of fell to pieces because I could not do all of the activities fully.

Green hat: one thing that I could change would be to give a Bronze,Silver and gold medal for each and every event because sometimes they did not have a medal for every event.

Yellow hat: I had hardly any good thing for me today because I heart my leg the only two good things that happened today were getting to the other teams bace twice in the cat and mouse game and winning that and getting medals.

I really liked the creativity of Gabies equestrian activity.